Clinical Medical Assistant


In recent years, the Clinical Medical Assisting profession has become indispensable to the health care field. Physicians have become more reliant on medical assistants for their back-office skills, and their services sought by medical offices, clinics, hospitals, urgent care centers, medical supply businesses, home health agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. This certificate program prepares graduates to fill entry-level positions such as clinical Medical Assistant.

The Medical Assistant Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as a clinical medical assistant in a variety of health care settings. In addition to studying the Human Body Anatomy and Physiology, CPR and Emergency procedures, Blood draw and therapeutics administration and injections.


Clinical Medical Assistant
November 18, 2019, Time - 9:30am.
December 2nd, 2019, Time - 5:50pm

Course Fees Include:

  • Textbook, Student Handbook, & all Skill Supplies
  • Uniform
  • 2-year certification in Adult CPR, First Aid, and AED
  • Hands-on clinical experience at a medical office.
  • Resume Workshop.
  • A stethoscope and blood pressure set (Sphygmomanometer).