Certified Nursing Assistant


Become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This course is designed to help you learn the skills necessary to provide important, quality care.The CNA training program makes it possible to embark on a rewarding, meaningful career that can make a difference to those in need. By combining traditional classroom instruction with hands-on experience, our Certified Nurse Assistant training program not only gives you the knowledge you need – but allows you to build the skills necessary to do the job well.

The Certified nursing assistants (CNA) fill a critical gap between patients and nurses – providing quality-of-life care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care, and hospice facilities, and in residential settings. They also gather vital information about patients' conditions, which they relay to their supervisors, so their patients can get the care they need.

In this program, the didactic portion and clinical skills are taught by a licensed, experienced and qualified nurse.

The CNA training course was developed to prepare you to deliver the level of care your patients will need. The in-class/theory, component of our CNA training program will help you understand and learn the knowledge, concepts, and scope of the practice and the proper way to deliver the care and services to your patients. This component includes lectures and hands-on, in-class practice.

After completing your in-class work, you'll begin your clinical rotation,which allows you to, under the guidance of a licensed nurse, work directly with patients in a healthcare facility.
Our Certified Nurse Assistant training program can help you develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary and applicable to a wide range of healthcare settings. This way, you can build a foundation of information and good practice before you specialize or choose to further your career with additional training. Currently, the CNA training program includes instruction on:

Why Train with the M. A. C.

At Montezuma American College, wetrain individuals to work in the nursing field; by combining in-class learning with hands-on experience, our knowledgeable instructors can help you achieve your goal of becoming a certified nursing assistant in just few weeks.

Course Fees Include:

  • Textbook, Student Handbook, & all Skill Supplies
  • Uniform.
  • 2-year certification in Adult CPR, First Aid, and AED
  • Hands-on clinical experience at a local long-term care facility
  • Resume Workshop
  • Review day to prepare for the state competency exam, including mock test and skills practice
  • Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer kit